Dr. Sharon Jones Charlotte Computer Science


Dr. Sharon Jones, Ed.D is the founder and CEO of the dot. Consulting and the non-profit Dottie Rose Foundation, who brings life into any event with a need for topics around technology, computer science, computer education and breaking the glass ceiling in technology.

Dr. Sharon speaks on the topics below or can customize one for the needs of specific event. Let’s start with the following topics she currently presents on:

Finding Your Tech Genius
  • Finding and leveraging your personal strength and using that strength to elevate technology integration in your classroom.
  • We will explore the four buckets of technology skills so you find the one that fits your teaching style best.
  • You are technical, you just have to find your niche.
Closing the Gender Gap in Computer Science
  • Females make up only 20% of the tech workforce.
  • Many girls express interest in computer science during their elem school years, however as they progress through middle & high they begin to have incresinlying neg views of comp science, tech, math & stem based careers. How do we solve this problem?
  • Through this presentation, learn dedicated ways to connect the dots within the technology and computer science sphere to educate, support, and inspire the next generation.
Computer Science is in Everything
  • Computing is part of everything we do! 
  • Computing enables you to solve complex, challenging problems.
  • Computing and computer technology are part of just about everything that touches our lives from the cars we drive, to the movies we watch, to the ways businesses and governments deal with us. Understanding different dimensions of computing is part of the necessary skill set for an educated person in the 21st century.
  • When so many traditional forms of work are being digitized, there’s a powerful realization that job security today and going forward relies on understanding changing operating systems, changing platforms, changing devices and changing ways of thinking about data.
Common Ground: Learning to Code is Like Learning a Spoken Language
  • There is often a level of perception that learning to code is hard and not for me. And while there are many complexities to learning to code, by learning one step at a time like learning any new task, you can master the art of coding just like we mastered how to speak in our native language.  Both coding and language are tools used to build a creative narrative. When people learn to code they’re learning a structure that is similar to their own verbal and written language.


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