dr. sharon jones in the media

Whether it is a media outlet or a podcast, the message of computer science, women in technology or breaking the glass ceiling, Dr. Sharon Jones delivers a fresh voice to this space. Browse below to dive into all the outlets have had Dr. Sharon as a guest. 

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Teaching, Learning, Leading K-12 | Getting Girls Interested in STEM

Teaching Learning Leading K12 provides resources for classroom teachers and school-based administrators. This podcast is also published on iTunesStitcher, Google Play Music, the Education Podcast Network and voicEd radio. Thanks for listening. please share it with your friends.

The Scholarship Shark | Women and STEM

Dr. Sharon Jones is an educator who has taught computer science and IT for the past 16 years. She has taught mainly in the business and IT realm, including teaching computer programming, data analysis and web development for levels K-12. More recently, Dr. Jones moved into higher education computer programming and she’s now a full-time entrepreneur leading two businesses.

Better Leaders Better Schools | Forget Tests, Make Learning Real

Dr. Jones believes it is possible to learn without “teaching the test”. She shares a unique experience that gave her the courage to stop obsessing over the test and push the boundaries without fear of criticism.

Inside Method | Navigating Virtual Learning 

The podcast that takes you behind the scenes of a growing tech company. On this episode Virtual learning is something that we have all had to embrace in recent months. In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Sharon Jones, Ed.D To discuss what the future of digital learning may be and how we can ensure our kids are getting the most out of it.


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