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the dot. Consulting is changing the conversation around education within the technological revolution. By investing in schools through professional services, we cultivate a community culture based on active learning and trust. Through the lens of computer science, we elevate educators with cross-curricular solutions that inspire students to reach their highest potential.

the dot. Consulting is pleased to offer curriculum development services that evaluates current educational programs for educational institutions and applies goals, objectives, learning experiences, and assessments to the educational program at hand. By investing in valuable curriculum and support materials for instructors, we commit to the academic successes of the student and the intentional advancement of the school improvement plan.


Discovery and Planning Phase: Identify key issues for the curriculum to be developed through a series of conversations with educators with a focus on the subject matter, assessments pertaining to the curriculum, and the outcomes expected.

Development Phase: Creation and development of the framework of the curriculum and unplugged classroom activities that has breadth and depth of initial assessment to create curriculum that meets and supersedes the objectives and goals of the course.

Implementation Phase: A review of the new curriculum to familiarize educators with the goals and objectives and to answer questions that may come up.

Evaluation Phase: Check-ins with the educators on the efficacy of the curriculum to periodically update the curriculum to meet the ever changing needs of the educator. In addition, a review of assessments that the classrooms may take to validate the curriculum framework.


Each curriculum package offers a series of phases that will create a tailored curriculum for traditional, online, or hybrid learning environments including content for lesson plan development and implementation, strategies for teaching “unplugged” classroom activities, hands-on learning, and pedagogy, & problem-solving strategies. Contact the dot. Consulting to engage in a conversation around your objectives so we can develop a Statement of Work that meets your needs.


Through the lens of computer science, our curriculum developers deliver a distinct advantage for organizations seeking growth through cross-curricular solutions. By collaborating with schools through curriculum development and professional learning, we cultivate a community learning culture based on active learning and trust that inspires students to reach their highest potential.



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