“Hi Dr. Jones! I took your business statistics class at Central Piedmont a couple years ago, while I was transitioning careers. I walked away with a lot from your class. You were the first example of a female “coder” I had ever met, and that was HUGE for me at that time. It has had a profound effect on me, as it helped me realize “people like me code and are really good at it!” It lit a fire in me and I dove into not only learning Salesforce technical practices, but also Java, JavaScript, and HTML, and Salesforce’s object oriented Apex. I am now a trusted Salesforce system admin at my company and have multiple components in production use that I coded! And I am presenting at the local Charlotte Salesforce group next week about how some programming best practices can help in non-programming development. 🤩 I thank you for being YOU. You inspired me in just a few short weeks. Who knows how many people you are inspiring each day! “-Claire, a huge fan who is forever grateful.”