“Dr. Sharon Jones has been a great asset to my 8th grade English Language Art classes. She introduced us to the computer science world in September and we have been tech-savvy ever since. Technology and literacy are closely associated as we emphasize critical thinking and problem-solving in literature. I had no idea my lessons were tailored to computer science (Dr. Jones pointed out all of my computer science strategies that I already use and we incorporated more).

The biggest misconception is that you have to create something new but Dr. Jones provided an abundance of knowledge and resources. My classes were able to create green screens, podcasts, matches boxes and we even published a book that is currently sold on Amazon. She expanded my mind behind the classroom and I have seen an increase in student engagement and participation. Computer science is our world (my students are social media experts) and my students and I are beyond grateful to have Dr. Jones lead us through the technology world. The skills my students have learned will prepare them to be innovators in technology and lead them to success in our society.”