Julia Child, Cooking, and Coding

I have been enjoying some down time this week and it has truly been a time of reflection, creativity, and rest. Yesterday I found one of my favorite movies on the amazing Netflix and it was a complete joy.. and I found myself seeing it in a new way, not only was it a great movie, it is an amazing example of computer science. I have been putting off re-acquainting myself with Python as it has been a few years since I have worked in the language and watching the move inspired me to remember that learning to code is like cooking, it takes time, failing forward, and small victories.

To read my blog post about the movie on Thrive Global Click Here

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Dr. Sharon Jones, Ed.D is the founder and CEO of thedot.Consulting and the Dottie Rose Foundation, where she leads and implements technology focused education and innovation. Dr. Jones has found her passion in education and has served as a Career and Technical Education teacher in the public school system as well as a Sr. Technical Trainer at Central Piedmont Community College. Dr. Jones has presented and been published nationally and internationally on data analytics, educational practices and technology. Her book A Recipe for Success Using SAS University: How to Plan Your First Analytics Project is being used in curriculum and classrooms around the country. When not running the technology-world, Dr. Jones spends her time with her husband Ricky, and two sons, Ethan (8) and Dylan (5), and their beloved dog, Cooper (11)

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