I am beyond blessed to have the opportunity to work and grow from the knowledge and experience of Dr. Sharon Jones.  Her passion and dedication for education, conceptual understanding, and computer science is radiant. Because of her interactions with our staff and students, the pendulum has shifted in creating the computer science program at Northeast.  Our students, staff, and community are excited about our initiatives and have a strong desire to learn more. Thank you, Dr. Jones, for all of your hard work and consistent dedication to Northeast’s computer science program!

Jennifer Hamilton, Magnet School Specialist, Northeast Middle

Dr. Sharon Jones has been a great asset to my 8th grade English Language Art classes. She introduced us to the computer science world in September and we have been tech savvy ever since. Technology and literacy are closely associated as we emphasize critical thinking and problem solving in literature. I had no idea my lessons were tailored to computer science (Dr. Jones pointed out all of my computer science strategies that I already use and we incorporated more). The biggest misconception is that you have to create something new but Dr. Jones provided an abundance of knowledge and resources.

My classes were able to create green screens, podcasts, matches boxes and we even published a book which is currently sold on Amazon. She expanded my mind behind the classroom and I have seen an increase in student engagement and participation.

Computer science is our world (my students are social media experts) and my students and I are beyond grateful to have Dr. Jones lead us through the technology world. The skills my students have learned will prepare them to be innovators in technology and lead them to success in our society.

Ms. Asia Stevenson, M.Ed, Northridge Middle School, English Teacher

Sharon was very personable and related well to the audience. This made us feel very drawn in to her teaching!

Workshop Guest, code.org workshop

Dr. Sharon Jones made everyone feel welcome and positive about learning something new! She was highly motivating! She made the training successful for someone with no Code experience….she made it easy! She was extremely organized in the presentation of material. She made us feel comfortable in trying and in asking questions. Very supportive.

Workshop Guest

The design thinking process at Northeast Middle School this year reminds me of this. I started off with much curiosity and eagerness to take it on, but not a clue as to what it would look like, nor a clue as to whether or not the teachers at our school would take to it. But then again, it is a risk and such is life!  I got out of it so much more than I expected and am thrilled to take it on and build upon it next year. I can’t wait to see what is in store.

It’s truly amazing to see what our classroom has turned into this year. The plans, structure and motivation in my classroom is something I did not think was possible. Computer science programs help to build interdisciplinary plans to bridge multi-subject lessons. Students have reached a new level of achievement and motivation throughout our entire day. Students are exposed to using THEIR thoughts to lead them to the right answer and use their wrong answers to help get them to the right. No more emotional turmoil when we feel we did something “wrong.” Hands-on learning and technology has engaged student learning and helped close academic gaps for struggling learners,  while simultaneously, decreasing problem behaviors in the classroom. Learning has become truly fun.

Melanie Coleman