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Signature Workshops

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thedot. Consulting offers three signature virtual or in-person Professional Development opportunities, or we have the ability to create customizable options, so you can choose what best fits your school’s current needs. For more information, click on the workshop you or your school would be interested in.

Our Summer 2021 Workshops include:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Finding Your Tech Genius
  • Creating A Culture Of Innovation 
  • Customizable Workshop

Email heather@thedotconsulting.co for more information

Our professional development programs provide expert-led instruction for your faculty in a learning workshop focused around promoting and implementing computer science,  STEM, and technology concepts into the classroom. Each workshop in our programs provides hands-on learning and implementation assistance. We will use a variety of software applications along with core discipline content. Each teacher will leave with lessons to use in their classroom along with resources to implement. The outcome of our workshops gives faculty increased confidence in teaching core technology concepts and integration into course work, through everyday classroom activities. 

For school board officials, administrators, faculty, staff, and PTA volunteers they will have the peace of mind of a roadmap to leading the next generation to productive use of technology while making the world a better place. Increasing computer science knowledge gives students more competitive leverage in almost any chosen career path today, and excels in their success in their education with the confidence in having everyday life skills.

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STEM Workshops

thedot. Consulting develops curriculum and evaluates educational programs for educational institutions. We will design online and teacher-led materials for courses, and develop support materials for instructors and students. In addition, we will lead professional development workshops to assist with the deployment of the curriculum.

We evaluate the curriculum to determine its effectiveness and value and conduct field tests and assessments of coursework and programs. Workshops will cover content applicable for all classes including an intro to STEM, pedagogy, overview of online curriculum resources, and strategies for teaching “unplugged” classroom activities.

Our specialty resides in the development of K12 technology/Career and Technical Education curriculum. Through our hands-on and real-life scenario approach, teachers will use critical thinking and technology skills to solve problems and gain insight.


STEM Coaching Packages

When new technology is launched in our schools, we need a plan for supporting and coaching teachers through the process of using the devices and software in their classrooms. Supporting teachers is key to launching and continuing the marriage of educational technology and curriculum. It also helps them raise student achievement.

Today, students’ needs vary as they grow up in the digital learning age. They maximize their learning when teachers know how to integrate existing tech with the latest instructional best practices and strategies. We must support educators on this critical journey. This is where an ed-tech integration specialist can help.

thedot. offers several opportunities to provide support and integration as your school begins the journey of implementation of technology and computer science concepts into all curricula.

Why thedot.?

We believe investing in technology training and education for an organization is a must. Technology has the power to transform the effectiveness of your organization.

That’s where our training provides the leverage you need. We help people figure out how to use technology to increase revenue. Our tech strategies and planning are useful in implementing computer science and technology concepts and applications into all classrooms. We will fulfill the ideal strategy for school success.