Another great article featuring our incredible CEO & Founder, Dr. Sharon Torrence Jones! Enjoy!

Dr. Sharon Jones
Founder & CE0: Dottie Rose Foundation & thedot. Consulting
Charlotte, NC

We want to get to know you! Briefly tell us about yourself: Where you came from, where you’ve been and how you’re living your dream?

I am from Charlotte, NC and love calling Charlotte home. I grew up in a family of educators. My great grandparents were the founders of New Salem Elementary in Union County and often housed the teachers as well. My great aunt went to ECTC (East Carolina Teaching College) in 1914 and went on to be an educator at Nations Ford Elementary for 30 + years. My mom is still the most amazing educator I have ever known. Her patience, genuine love of education, and ability to bring content to life is what I strive for in my own teaching career. I have been a computer science teacher for 17 years with the majority of my career in K12 education. I am a self taught programmer, data analyst and technologist… Click Here to continue reading this article…