In today’s world, sometimes empowerment comes in code.

WIRED reports that in 2016, less than 20 percent of computer science majors were women. Believe it or not, this is actually down from the ’90s. For Sharon Jones, founder of the Dottie Rose Foundation, that statistic is what drives her to do the work she does.

“It’s our time. It’s our time to step up, it’s our time to shine in technology and really show what we can do,” Jones said.

Named after Jones’s grandmother — who she said was always the one in the room saying “girl power” — the Dottie Rose Foundation is a Charlotte-based nonprofit program focused on providing technology education to middle school-aged girls. Started only a year and a half ago, Jones said they’ve already had two successful summers full of camps, and school years full of workshops and after-school programs…Click here to continue reading this article…